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Giacomo Casanova was a lover, a hero, a seducer, a peacock and a libertine. So, who will you be?

Style is a matter of details

giacomo casanova style


In addition to honouring Giacomo Casanova, we are also proudly Italian: attention to details, best materials possible and superior design compose our trademark. It's not only a brand, it's an approach to "La Bella Vita", which is what we want to deliver to you through any single masterpiece of ours.

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Exceptional manufacturing, cool design, prodly dressing a real "Made in Italy" masterpiece!

Markus W.
Los Angeles, CA

Da buon Italiano non posso che dire: boxer eccezionali!!

Danilo S.
Firenze - ITALY

Full stars to GCS, here's nothing else out there so good as this stuff!

Author's name
Los Angeles, CA

Ich war mir bei der Marke nicht sicher, jetzt bin ich eingelöst, ein Produkt von großartiger Qualität und Design. Wirklich gut.

Rudholf K.
Amburg - GERMANY

Another level of quality: bye bye Tommy H.!!!

Abraham J. L.
Ottawa - CANADA

Costume di un altro pianeta: si asciuga subito, elastico e morbidissimo, materiali spaziali!!!!

Ragusa, ITALY